Kyle Rosenbluth
Hi, my name is Kyle Rosenbluth. I am an iOS developer, musician, and High School student. When I'm not bogged down with schoolwork, I make iPhone apps. Last summer, I interned at FiftyThree, where I redesigned the loupe in Paper. This summer, I am returning to FiftyThree to work on web development and this fall I will be starting as a Freshman at UPenn. You can follow me on Twitter @krosenbluth and on my blog where I (very occasionaly) post about technology and the process of making iOS apps. Want to chat? Drop me an email.
Horizon 3
a minimal app that integrates the weather with your calendar.
a fresh approach to daily to-do lists on the iPhone.
a small collection of astro-photos taken by my brother and me in our backyard.
Horizon Calendar
the original horizon calendar, released in 2013.
4D Experiments
a Unity program that renders and rotates four-dimensional objects in an Oculus-enabled environment.